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In this section you will find the most frequently asked questions. If you have any other doubts or requests, do not hesitate to contact us.


How much in advance should I book the experience?
Considering that we make small groups, we suggest you to book as soon as possible because the chosen dates could be no longer available.
How many persons will participate with me?
Usually our groups have a maximum of 6-7 participants. Instead there isn’t a minimum number.
Could I book a private experience?
Yes, you can book a private experience. On the website you will find the specific costs
Is the time flexible for private experience?
Yes, but no later than 1pm as start time.
Is there any possibility to buy water bottles along the way?
Only at the beginning of the walk that leads to the place where we will cook and eat, there are some bars and grocery stores where you can buy water, coffee etc. Alternatively along the way there are drinking water fountains.
Is the path exposed to the sun? Are there any points where you can repair from it?
The hiking path alternates stretches exposed to the sun to shady areas. It is recommended to wear a cap.
Is there possibility to use toilette along the way?
At beginning of the walk there are bars that have toilette.
Is the experience suitable for children?
Absolutely yes. Children normally enjoy foraging wild herbs and flowers, and also they enjoy cooking class
At what time does the experience begin? How long does the experience take?

The experience starts at 11am to 4pm in April/middle June and September/October.
Then from 9am to 2pm from middle June to August.
The total duration is around 4,30 to 5 hours.

Could I partecipate in an evening session?

The experience is done only in the morning, we don’t have evening session.

Is the time of the experience fixed or can it be postponed or brought forward?
If you book standard experience joining the rest of the participants the time is set. There is not possibility to postpone or anticipate.
What happens if I arrive in late at the meeting point?
We can wait 15-20 minutes if the delay is communicated, after which if there are other participants the excursion will begin.
Can I skip part of the experience and join for example only the cooking session?
We recommend that you participate in the whole experience to fully grasp the essence of it.
If I have an emergency, can I attend the experience another day?

Yes, of course.
Bear in mind you must request a change to the date as soon as possible. Availability and possibility to change the date will be evaluated. 


How long does the walking part takes?
The walking part takes around 1,30h, included stop and explanation.
What are the morphological characteristics of the path?
The path alternates up and down parts, it must be considered that there are many stairs.
How hard is the walk? Can I do it if I’m not in full physical shape?
The walk takes place on a flat path but also on stairs. The path is slow and focused on admiring, learning, collecting ingredients. Normally all those who have no physical problems can do it without problems.
What is the ideal clothing for the experience?
Most important is to wear comfortable and breathable clothing. We recommend wearing a cap with visor to protect from the sun
What kind of shoes are needed for the walk?
The path takes place on a regular paved based, no special shoes are needed, we suggest in any case comfortable shoes or sandals, please avoiding heels and flip-flops.


If I’m vegetarian could I partecipate at the experience?
The menù is mostly vegetarian. We use milk, cheeses and eggs.
I’m vegan could I join the experience?
Yes, by prior notification. Bear in mind some foods such as cheese may not be replaced with vegan products.
I am celiac/gluten intolerant, can I participate in the experience?
Please communicate it in advance. Some foods such as pasta may be ready to cook and not prepared at the moment to avoid contamination in the environment where gluten is used.
I have food intolerances, can I participate in the experience?
Yes, but please let us know in advance.


What are the payment methods?
You can pay directly through our website.
Do children pay less?
Yes, there is discount for 3 years old or older child, the child prices is indicated in the booking form.
Can I pay by cash?
Yes, but please communicate it in advance.
Is the experience deleted in case of rain?
If the weather conditions influences the normal course of the activity outdoor the experience is deleted and you will get a full refund.


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