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Terra di Resilienza

  • Name of the producer:

    Terra di Resilienza

  • Who is:
    A Monte Frumentario Cooperative is composed of several members: Angelo Avagliano, Chiara Mitidieri, Michele “Bosconauta” Sica, Dario Marino, Michele Romaniello and Rosangela Addesso. The Cooperative produces high quality flour with ancient grains and ground with stone mill.
  • Where it produces:
    Caselle in Pittari (Sa). Cilento, Vallo di Diano e Alburni National Park

What it produces

Soft wheat flour type 1 and durum wheat semolina.

Why it is special

The cooperative uses an electric stone mill since the stone grinding technique is still the only method for the production of high-quality flours. The low speed of the mobile wheel keeps the temperature low during milling and makes the flour run no risk of “cooking”, preserving its organoleptic qualities. The germ and essential oils of the grain of wheat are mixed with the starchy part ensuring the flour ancient scents, greater taste and preservation of many beneficial properties present in wheat.


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