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Nettuno di Giulio Giordano

  • Name of the producer:

    Nettuno di Giulio Giordano

  • Who is:
    The company was founded in 1950 by Raffaele Giordano. Currently the sons of the founder: Vincenzo and Giulio Giordano, manage the company and continue with passion the family work. Even the new generations have never lost sight of traditions and ties with the country. The production, in fact, depends on the quantities and the types of local catch because the products are entirely handmade with only local raw materials. Only in this way the company can preserve and offer the ancient flavors of Cetara and preserve the maritime tradition.
  • Where it produces:

What it produces

the main activity consisted in the processing of fish products and fruit and vegetables; the latter abandoned at the beginning of 2000 to devote themselves completely to the products offered by the Cetara Sea. Since the 1950s Neptune has specialized in the production of anchovy fillets, in those early years of the company’s life distributed even by bicycle.

Why it is special

in the mid-90s it began the rediscovery of the ancient condiment prince of Cetara: the anchovies oil. With the passing of time, Cetara’s anchovies oil becomes famous throughout the nation. Much of the company’s efforts focus on this delicious product. Great attention, however, it is reserved for all other fish products that characterize the foundation’s work. The company recovers an ancient product that has become a unique specialty of the Amalfi coast, on which the Slow Food Association has placed a presidium.


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