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Homemade Lemons marmalade
4′ day


  • 1 Kg of fresh lemons
  • 600g of sugar
  • water


Cat whole lemons in slices and leave in a bowl full of water for three days. Every day change the water. At the end the lemons will have lost part of the acidity. Remove the water and remove the seeds. Put the pips in a small piece of muslin and tie up with string. Add this to the pan, as the pips will aid the setting process of the jam. Add the sugar and bring to the boil, stirring until it has completely dissolved. Boil rapidly for about 20 mins until setting point is reached. Test the setting point by dropping a little marmalade onto the chilled saucer, allowing it to cool for 1 min, then pushing gently with your finger. If the marmalade crinkles, the setting point is reached; if not, continue to boil and check again in a few mins. Remove the muslin bag, then gently stir in one direction to disperse any scum (small air bubbles on the surface).Pour jam into warm sterilised jars and seal straight away.



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