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Minicaseificio La Fattoria Del Castello

MINICASEIFICIO LA FATTORIA DEL CASTELLO Name of the producer: MINICASEIFICIO LA FATTORIA DEL CASTELLO Who is: They are a mini dairy located in Agerola, established in 202. The idea was born from the Mario Acampora, his dream was create an organic mini dairy. All products all processed with milk from red spotted cows, self-producted on their farm. Where it produces: Agerola What it produces Cheese with organic milk Why it is special Local dairy that transforms the milk of its animals and this allows a greater control of the raw material, ensuring a very high quality of the final...

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Terra di Resilienza

Terra di Resilienza Name of the producer: Terra di Resilienza Who is: A Monte Frumentario Cooperative is composed of several members: Angelo Avagliano, Chiara Mitidieri, Michele “Bosconauta” Sica, Dario Marino, Michele Romaniello and Rosangela Addesso. The Cooperative produces high quality flour with ancient grains and ground with stone mill. Where it produces: Caselle in Pittari (Sa). Cilento, Vallo di Diano e Alburni National Park What it produces Soft wheat flour type 1 and durum wheat semolina. Why it is special The cooperative uses an electric stone mill since...

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Birrificio Sorrento

Birrificio Sorrento Name of the producer: Birrificio Sorrento Who is: Founded in 2009 by Giuseppe Schisano and Francesco Galano, the Brewery Sorrento has a strong territorial vocation, not only because the ingredients include renowned local products such as the lemon of Sorrento IGP, the blonde orange of Sorrento or the walnut, but because they express a territory at 360º. Where it produces: framed by the colors and scents of our land, the production plant of the Brewery Sorrento is located in Sorrento and overlooks one of the most beautiful views of the Sorrento Peninsula, between...

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Il gusto della costa

Il gusto della costa Name of the producer: Il gusto della costa Who is: Valentino Esposito’s company focuses on the processing and packaging of citrus and fruit Where it produces: the company operates in the villages of Praiano and Positano What it produces jams, liqueurs and creams typical of the Amalfi Coast. The careful selection of raw materials and the original elaboration of traditional recipes are the bases of an artisan production of excellent quality. Why it is special the company Il Gusto della Costa transforms and packages its products only with the best citrus...

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Nettuno di Giulio Giordano

Nettuno di Giulio Giordano Name of the producer: Nettuno di Giulio Giordano Who is: The company was founded in 1950 by Raffaele Giordano. Currently the sons of the founder: Vincenzo and Giulio Giordano, manage the company and continue with passion the family work. Even the new generations have never lost sight of traditions and ties with the country. The production, in fact, depends on the quantities and the types of local catch because the products are entirely handmade with only local raw materials. Only in this way the company can preserve and offer the ancient flavors of Cetara and...

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Caseificio Aurora di Paolo Amato

Caseificio Aurora di Paolo Amato Name of the producer: Caseificio Aurora di Paolo Amato Who is: The owner Paolo Amato runs a historic farm that boasts 250 years of experience in milk processing Where it produces: Caseificio Aurora is a farm located at the foot of the Lattari Mountains, in the municipality of Sant’Egidio del Monte Albin What it produces the variety of cheeses is divided into a wide and varied type of dairy products: fresh, semi-aged, aged, marbled. To these are added some specialties such as buffalo toma with berries, quadrella in olive ash, provolone in walnut...

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