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Birrificio Sorrento

  • Name of the producer:

    Birrificio Sorrento

  • Who is:
    Founded in 2009 by Giuseppe Schisano and Francesco Galano, the Brewery Sorrento has a strong territorial vocation, not only because the ingredients include renowned local products such as the lemon of Sorrento IGP, the blonde orange of Sorrento or the walnut, but because they express a territory at 360º.
  • Where it produces:
    framed by the colors and scents of our land, the production plant of the Brewery Sorrento is located in Sorrento and overlooks one of the most beautiful views of the Sorrento Peninsula, between land, sea and sky

What it produces

Beers. One of the most particular is the Syrentum with lemon peel and attractive golden color with abundant foam. The first olfactory impact reminds us freshness with clear notes of the renowned lemons of Sorrento.

Soon you will notice malty notes reminiscent of acacia honey but always well counterbalanced by a fresh fruity apple and tropical fruit. The aftertaste is harmonious, natural consequence of a balanced beer

Why it is special

it is a young brewery that has established itself over the years for the high quality of the products and the peculiarity of its beers. He has been able to experiment and combine with imagination different ingredients: beers with the peel of lemons and oranges of Sorrento, beers flavored with cinnamon, cloves and star anise


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